Five Factors to Consider When Selecting a Diagnostic Lab 

We are often overwhelmed with our choices, from mobile phone brands to food items on the menu and our online shopping cart. It’s no different for diagnostic labs. 

With several blood test labs accessible to you, you may base your decision on quality and affordability. 

You don’t want to access a laboratory that does not follow an adequate protocol for collecting test specimens. Therefore, in today’s post, we’ll discuss the five factors you need to consider before selecting an appropriate diagnostic lab. 

Five factors to consider while selecting a diagnostic lab 

Choosing the right diagnostic lab will matter whether you want cheap blood tests, quality service, or both. Let’s find out why! 

  1. Advanced tools and equipment – To get accurate results, a diagnostic lab must constantly stay updated with the new technologies introduced into the market. Advanced diagnostic equipment can provide high-quality and error-free results with reports that contain complete information as needed. 
  1. Certified clinical laboratory – A clinical laboratory with awards and certifications like ISO, NABH, NABL, etc., is preferred over uncertified labs. This adds credibility to that diagnostic lab as they have earned the necessary credentials and can be trusted to provide quality service. 
  1. Lab report precision – The reports of any given lab should be accurate. Any error can lead to the wrong diagnosis and even threaten the patient’s life. Therefore, when you order your own lab tests, make sure it is from a laboratory that provides accurate lab test results. 
  1. Knowledgeable and skilled laboratory staff members – Diagnostics labs require experienced and trained technicians to perform laboratory tests accurately. Therefore, choose the diagnostic lab that is well established and is run by knowledgeable, skilled, and trained medical practitioners and laboratory technicians. 
  1. Customer support – An excellent diagnostic lab will also ensure that their patients get the best service throughout, from blood collection to delivery of results. At, as soon as we receive lab results from the diagnostic lab, we email the results to the patient through their registered account on our website.  

Therefore, it is essential to consider the above factors before deciding where to get your blood tests done. has gone through this process and partnered with Quest Diagnostics, a nationally-renowned diagnostic lab. 

Our simple 3-step procedure for lab testing 

We have a relatively simple process of collecting your blood samples. 

  • Step 1: You can order your own lab tests online by creating an account with us. 
  • Step 3: Have your test results emailed to you confidentially. 

Our services are affordable so that you can get cheap blood tests done at a location near you. 

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