Significance of the 4th Generation HIV Test 

HIV presents itself with an unreliable set of symptoms, and therefore you cannot know for sure unless you get tested. 

The symptoms are not the same for everyone. The symptoms can be very similar to flu-like symptoms and can last between a few days and several weeks.  Symptoms include: 

  • Fever, chills, sore throat 
  • Rash 
  • Swollen lymph nodes 
  • Muscle aches 
  • Night sweats 
  • Mouth ulcers 

It is important to note that these symptoms alone do not confirm that the patient may be HIV positive. 

The 4th Generation HIV test 

During diagnosis, your doctor may recommend an HIV test. The 4th generation HIV test detects two factors, that is, HIV antibodies and P24 antigens in the body. 

The immune system will start to produce HIV antibodies to fight against the P24 antigens present in the virus. Studies reveal that P24 antigens appear within two weeks of HIV entering the body. 

Therefore, the 4th generation HIV test can properly detect HIV within a month of contracting the disease. 

You may place your order online to get tested for HIV from either of the two packages if required: 

After you provide a small sample of your blood, you can expect the test results within a few days. If the result is positive, you must consult your healthcare provider for a follow-up confirmatory testing.  If the positive test result is confirmed, it is absolutely necessary to inform former and current partners so that they may also get tested.